School of Human Centered Design, Innovationa & Arts

Welcome to the School of Human-Centered Design, Innovation & Art at Florida Tech!

The School of Human-Centered Design, Innovation and Art was created on August 1, 2015 from the Human-Centered Design Institute (HCDi) which is now one of its institutes. Two additional institutes will be added related to innovation and arts, fostering creativity, design thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. We add the design component to Florida Tech by providing an open platform where undergraduate and graduate students from all colleges can come work with our HCD graduate students and faculty, as well as research scientists. The school continuously develops connections with similar institutions worldwide, and regularly invites visiting scholars, lecturers and experts in HCD. Our school fosters excellence.

Our Vision

  • Be a designer
  • Focus on creativity and innovation
  • Become people-oriented
  • Learn how to work with others
  • Extend personal skills and knowledge

High Tech with a Human Touch

  • A new generation of designers and leaders for the 21st century
  • A human-centered approach to foster usability, usefulness, sustainability and feasibility
  • Hard and complex problems naturally lead to interdisciplinary solutions
  • Large enterprises require human-centered organization design and management thinking
  • Risk taking must be learned, managed and mastered toward success and leadership
  • Work should provide enjoyable experience …

HCDi develops education and research in various domains such as aeronautics, space, energy production and management, health care, and education. We have research and innovation labs, such as the commercial aviation cockpit design lab (equipped with A320 and B737 fully equipped flight deck simulators) and 3D-moving spaceship simulator. We also have an advanced interaction research lab where various kinds of novel tangible interactive systems can be designed and tested. Our philosophy is both theoretical and hands-on. Students are highly motivated and always eager to produce effective and tangible things.