Golnoosh Torkashvand, M.S.

Ph.D. Student, School of Human Centered Design, Innovation, and Art



Personal Overview

Golnoosh is a PhD student in Human-Centered Design. Her focus is in the optimization of cabin design for enhanced passenger experiences. In 2016 she dedicated her second Masters in Human-Centered Design on a collaborative project with Embraer. She conducted usability analysis of the cabin designs on different classes of business jets and developed innovative solutions for the future of business jets. Golnoosh also received her Bachelors and Master’s degree in Industrial Design. Previously, she worked for several industrial and interior design companies and taught several classes in English Language skills at the Culture and Science University. She is interested in designing for human well-being in everyday experiences.


Educational Background

M.S. Human-Centered Design
Florida Institute of Technology, 2016

M.A. Industrial Design
Tabriz Art University, 2011

B.A. Industrial Design
Alzahra University, 2009