Tiziano Bernard, M.S.

Research Assistant, Human-Centered Design Institute
Ph.D. Student, School of Human Centered Design, Innovation, and Art


Personal Overview

Tiziano is a Flight Test and Aerospace Engineer currently working as a research assistant at Florida Tech. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering (with honors) with a minor in Flight Technology in 2015; he was the first graduate with the Master’s Degree in Flight Test Engineering in 2016 at Florida Tech, and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Engineering Design (Human-Centered Design) at the same university. As a graduate student, he assisted in the teaching of courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. He was the project director for the Florida Tech Mars Rover Project, winning the “Northrop Grumman Best Engineering Project in Showcase” award in 2015. He is an FAA Certified Pilot and a trained Aerobatic Pilot with experience in unusual attitudes. He has flight experience, either as a crew member or as a flight test engineer, on board eight general aviation aircraft and one Boeing 737-800 hi-fi simulator. He has received academic awards at the undergraduate and graduate level from the faculty in both aerospace and flight test engineering. As a Masters graduate student Tiziano has researched the effects of Aircraft Flap Configuration Change on Longitudinal Trim, of which the results are intended for FAR enhancements. Tiziano has also been involved with the Human-Centered Design Institute as part of the Trajectory Recovery System, led by Dr. Nicholas Kasdaglis. Among the most recent research projects, there is the Enhanced Space Navigation and Orientation Suit (ESNOS) and the development of enhanced human-systems integration visualization developments for autonomous loss of control recovery protocols in general aviation.


Educational Background

M.S. Flight Test Engineering
Florida Institute of Technology, 2016

B.S. Aerospace Engineering, minor in Flight Technology
Florida Institute of Technology, 2015


Selected Publications

Bernard, T., Stephane, L., Boy, G.A. (2017) Autonomous Stall Recovery Dynamics as a Prevention Tool for General Aviation Loss of Control. American Human Factors & Ergonomics Conference 2017, Los Angeles, CA (in press)

Bernard, T., Kasdaglis, N., Rolins, A., Troshchenko, A., Stephane, A.L. (2017). LOC-S: Improved Model and Control Algorithm for a Stall Recovery On-board Avionics System. IEEE Aerospace Conference 2017, Big Sky, MT

Troshchenko, A., Kasdaglis, N., Bernard, T., Stephane, A.L. (2017). Development of an OpenGL Stall Recovery System in a Restricted-Resource Boeing 737 Simulator. IEEE Aerospace Conference 2017, Big Sky, MT

Kasdaglis, N., Bernard, T., Stephane, L., Boy, G.A. (2016) Affordant Guidance for In-Flight Loss of Control: The Trajectory Recovery System (TRS). Conference Proceedings of HCI-Aero 2016. Paris, France

Kasdaglis, N., Bernard, T. Stowers, K. (2016) Trajectory Recovery System: Angle of attack guidance for inflight loss of control. The Proceedings of Human Computer Interaction International, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Toronto, Canada

Bernard, T. Flight Test Investigation on the Effects of Aircraft Flap Configuration Change on Longitudinal Trim.  (2016) Florida Institute of Technology Archives, Masters Thesis in Flight Test Engineering. College of Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Kish, B., Bernard, T., Kimberlin, R. (2016). A Limited Investigation of Airplane Response to Flap Extension . IEEE Aerospace Conference 2016, Big Sky, MT




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